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Our platform aims to bring together stakeholders involved in student internships, efficiently matching students and employers, and facilitating the transfer of employability skills. Over the course of this project, we aim to serve over 1,000 students, with the potential to reach 8,000 students within five years. Our standardized matching system will create better fits between businesses and student interests, benefiting both parties.

Inclusivity: We believe that every student deserves equal access to internship opportunities, regardless of their background or location.
Innovation: We continuously explore innovative technologies and solutions to make internships more accessible and efficient.
Collaboration: We foster collaboration among students, staff, administrators, and employers, creating a strong network for mutual benefit.
Empowerment: We empower students with the skills and experiences needed to excel in the workforce and contribute to ethical leadership.
Efficacy: We strive for efficiency and excellence in matching students with the right employers, ensuring a seamless internship experience.